4 Important Characteristics of a healthy Organization

Characteristics of a healthy organization

4 Important Characteristics of a healthy Organization
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An organization helps in performing tasks for achieving the goals of the organization.This article speaks discusses the characteristics of a healthy organization.

A business organization is an individual or group of people that works together in order to achieve certain commercial goals. It’s also a group of people identified by a shared interest or purpose. The importance of an organization is understood in the fact that it allows individuals to perform tasks in an effective and efficient manner, so that the goals and objectives may be accomplished in a way as wanted. For any organization to achieve both long and short term success, creating a healthy environment is necessary. Healthy environment is not only an indication of achieving predetermined goals and objectives, but is also a great way for maintaining strong relationships with the employees. Here are four characteristics of a healthy organization.

Division of Work – It is one of the most important things to be considered in an organization that the diverse activities may be carried out in a smooth manner while eliminating the chances of overlapping or duplication.

In this respect, an organization practices the division of work. It is through the division of work that the work is divided in to many departments according to the functions that are performed. For example: Finance, production, purchase and sales etc.

Facilitating the Flow of Work – This is an important characteristic of a healthy organization that it eases the flow of work which in turn leads to achieve business goals appropriately. At this point, it is important to note that creating an atmosphere in which the work may be carried out and the desired results may be produced is only possible when all the individuals work together with due interest and make sincere efforts towards common goals.

Coordination – A healthy organization strives to create an atmosphere that values the employees. It makes the business more efficient by allowing its member to coordinate with each other. Since different persons are assigned at different positions and the work of a person is linked to another person, it ensures whether or not the employees coordinate and cooperate with each other in order to perform their related tasks successfully.

Effective Utilization of resources – This is the most important characteristic of a strong organization that it makes the optimum use of resources. Management is important to any business organization. The skillful management is required in all the areas of a business entity to get the activities accomplished in a way as needed. A healthy organization utilizes human element to the fullest extent so as to produce the desired successfully.


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