Difference Between Advertising and Publicity

Advertising vs Publicity

Difference Between Advertising and Publicity
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Publicity and advertising both are market promotion techniques. But most of the people dont know about the major differences between these two. So here we will discuss some of the major key differences.

Advertising and publicity are different forms of getting the word out about your business, with different subject matter, costs and expectations. Many business owners, however, try to blur the line between the two, which can cause misunderstandings with the news media and negate a company’s efforts to improve business and its image.The key differences between the terms has been discussed below:-

1. Advertising is paid form of ideas, goods and services while publicity is not paid by the sponsor.

2. Advertising comes from an identified sponsor while publicity comes from a neutral and impartial source.

3. Advertising is controllable by the organisation while publicity is not controllable because it comes from a neutral source.

4. Advertising is less credible in comparison to publicity while publicity is more credible because it comes from an impartial source.


Advertising is what you or your organisation says and promotes about you or your organisation but publicity is what others say for you or your organisation.

6. In advertising same content is repeated by the sponsor while in publicity it is not generally possible.

7. Advertising always carries a positive message about your organisation because it is the content you pay for but publicity can be positive or negative because it comes from an impartial source.

8. In advertising you have full chance to show your creativity but in publicity creativity is limited because it comes from non paid source.

9. Advertising is targeted to the practicular audiences by the sponsor while in publicity it is not focused.

10. Most of the times in advertising social responsibility is ignored while in publicity special focus is given on social responsibility.

Knowing the differences between the two and how to use them as complementary efforts can reap benefits in spreading a company's message.

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