Simple tips for financial independence

Know the ways to become financially independent

Simple tips for financial independence
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Financial independence helps a comfortable life during our sunset years. Let us try to become financially independent by following the simple tips mentioned in this article.

All of us must realize that financial independence is very much necessary to lead a meaningful life. Financial independence helps us to do something creative, something meaningful. So all of us must strive to achieve financial independence. Let us discuss some simple tips to achieve financial independence.

Saving 30% of the income: We must realize that daily, weekly or monthly earnings take care of our present.  But for the future, we have to save. But how much amount should we save? The financial experts opine that at least 30% of our monthly income must be saved for our own future.  

Avoid taking loans: All of us know that loans increase our liability.

Loans create mental pressure because it becomes our obligation to pay back the loan. So, we must avoid taking a loan. We must take a loan only to create a permanent asset like purchasing a flat or building a house. In case of extreme emergency, we may take a loan. Except for these two cases, we should not take any loan for any other purpose.

Prepare a budget and follow it: Every earning person must prepare a budget at the beginning of every month, keeping in view earnings and all items of expenditure. It helps us to understand the way of our spending. We can identify the wasteful expenditures and limit/stop it. This helps in improving our saving every month. Making a budget and sticking to it help us to achieve financial independence.  

Buy when necessary: Many of us are compulsive shoppers. We go to the market every week and purchase items which we like. We do not consider whether the items are necessary, or not. This habit causes wasteful expenditure, forces us to uses our credit cards frequently and even causes debt trap which ruins our life. We must be very careful in this regard and purchase only when it is necessary.    

Invest the surplus money: Only saving is not sufficient for our future. We must suitably invest the saved amount keeping in view our risk profile and time horizon of our goals. Investing in proper instruments helps us to achieve financial independence and make our future comfortable.    

Final few words: Following the above tips will surely help us to achieve financial independence and lead a comfortable life in the future. Let us try to become financially independent in our life.

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