The Objectives of Training in the Business Organization

What are the objectives of training in the business organization?

The Objectives of Training in the Business Organization
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One of the objectives of training in the business organization is to safeguard the workforce engaged in the activities of the company. This article focuses on the needs of training so as to achieve what the organization needs and how to help employees attain company goals.

Every business stands to attain its objectives. It needs to utilize the resources and capabilities of the employees in the most effective and efficient manner. It is focused on the total organizational development and competenciesamid its people. In order that the predetermined objectives may be accomplished in a way that has been intended, the required number of people are to be appointed. It is expected that the employees must have sufficient knowledge, skills and attitude about the work delegated to them.

There are situations when the existing skills or knowledge of the employees are not adequate to carry out certain tasks successfully. There are times when the existing personnel or the newly hired employees are required to be equipped with and understand the technological aspects of their job activities.

Since it is necessary that the employees know the technological developments, they are to be trained accordingly. In addition, they must be trained on the basis of individual development programs so that the promotions may be made and they are offered better positions with the standard compensations. Moreover, there is a need to bring behavioral change among the employees that the ultimate objective of the organization can be fulfilled with the expected contribution of each employee. Thus, there is a need of training and development programs in the business organization.

Training objectives may be considered in a way as the positions are organized in to different levels of importance in the organization. At the bottom level, employees must be trained for safety measures while at work and new methods and increasing the productivity, while the supervisory level needs the training for identifying the problems and their solutions with analytical skills. Training at the top level includes, employee performance, problem solving etc.

The objectives and the most important aspects of training in the business organization may be outlined herein: Training curtails the amount to be incurred for recruitment and selection process of the new employees, as the business organization may consider training the existing staffs rather than spending money on hiring through different sources. In a positive form,training benefits the organization in the creation of smooth situations and to dispel complexities, while it enables the trainee to resolve the existing as well as arising problems of the organization.To an even greater extent, solving various psychological and technological problems, it motivates the employees to their full potentials towards the total organizational development leading them towards the effective and efficient performance. It is a good source for the acquirement of knowledge, skills and positive attitude.

To conclude with the following words of a writer that would seem to emphasize practical learning process and application, employees must be trained systematically, practically and psychologically that they may perform the assigned tasks with self-confidence and develop self-competence, and that a business organization can grow steadfastly and thereby generate profitability with a good reputation.

“What I hear, I forget
What I see, I remember
What I do, I understand.”

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