5 Fascinating Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Benefits Provided by Account Based Marketing

5 Fascinating Benefits of Account Based Marketing
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This new marketing strategy solely concentrates on the sales as well as marketing resources on a specific set of high value accounts through personalized campaigns. This ABM is something that has to be foreseen with a broad outlook.

The B2B buying process has evolved a lot due to the rise in the digital content. Some of the significant changes which can be predominantly observed are

  • The number of stakeholders have increased to a greater extent

  • The buyers are more empowered than before

In this regard, the outdated B2B strategies might not suit the purpose and this has led to a new concept namely the ‘Account Based Marketing’.

There are indeed numerous benefits of this strategic approach which includes the following

1. Reduces the Sales Cycle

It has to be remembered that this particular approach is defined on a targeted set of buyers and this actually gives you the flexibility of eliminating many of the unqualified buyers. This assists you a lot in reducing the time wastage on the wrong companies and allows you to work for the high account based profiles.

2. Increase in ROI (Return On Investment)

As ABM enables you to target mainly on the selected accounts, this can be highly helpful in generating high revenue than before. This revenue can also be helpful for an organisation in reaching some of its other strategic goals.

In a research, around 97% of the people got to agree with this fact whereas the nominal proportion stuck to the conventional marketing approach.

3. Efficient Utilisation of Marketing and Sales Units

The responsibility of the sales unit of an organisation is to pass on the feedbacks of the potential customers to the marketing team. The marketing unit takes up the responsibility of coming up with suitable resources which can assist the customers completely. The efficiency of the organisation depends of the collective effort put on by the two units. The ABM strategy enables these two units to work more effectives as the target accounts are quite low when compared with that of the other approaches.

4. Sound Relations with the Customer

As mentioned above, ABM strategy involves more personalization which can be highly    helpful in developing some stronger relations with the potential customers. This is due to the increase in personal interaction with the target account count being quite low.

5. Reduce Resource Wastage

ABM is famed to work a lot effectively if the budget is on a lower node and this can be highly essential at times when you’re spending a lot of money on accounts which ultimately don’t turn into sales. Apart from this, the closeness of targeted accounts assists you a lot in giving rise to some new business opportunities and here, you can also expand your deal size as well.

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