Is JuanAds a scam or a legit site? A Personal Review

A Personal Review about

Tens or maybe hundred of online earning sites are born every day and JuanAds is one of it. The Paid to Click or Pay Per Click sites have one something in common “the sign up bonus”, but, you can easily spot the scam site from this offer alone.

What is

The banner says JuanAds is an Advertsing Company. It claims to be the considered the number 1 fastest growing Network Marketing and Advertising Company in the Philippines ;quoted from JuanAds website.

How does JuanAds work through PPC or Pay Per Click.

It’s free to register on JuanAds plus a sign up bonus of Usd$2, sounds exciting. But there is a catch for eager members, you can upgrade your account to premium with a minimum pay of Usd$30. For free account you can earn $0.010 up to $0.030 for 10 click ads a day as for premium account potential earning is $0.50 up to $0.70 from 40 to 50 click ads a day. I will leave the calculation earnings to you guys, anyway the minimum earning for withdrawal is Usd$10. There is one more catch, there are surprise bonus ads that ranges from $1 , $5 and $10 lucky are the few names that I have seen several times winning this offer (luh).

How to increase your earnings?

Since JuanAds claims to be a networking expect the binary scheme.

You will earn Usd$2 for each direct referrals, an incentives from indirect referrals, a profit sharing and a lot more. The only difference from networking companies that I have known and joined is, JuanAds don’t have a product in exchange of your payment for upgrading your free account to premium. Risk takers buckle up.


My personal views about JuanAds.

If you are likely to be a non-networker person , this earning site is not for you. The Pay Per Click earning will take you forever to reach the minimum payout of Usd$10. Believe me , I upgraded my account on August 17, 2017 and paid Usd$30 hoping to earn an extra from Pay Per Click and to date I only earned a mere Php80 (Usd$2.6320) plus the signup bonus of Usd$1 a total of Usd$3.6320. Relying alone on Pay Per Click ads earning will took me 7 months (more or less) to earn back the money that I use to upgrade my account. Yes, I can do the fast track, I can invite people to join and sign under my referral, that’s the fastest way to earn more. But NO, I don’t have the heart to lie and make false promises only to redeem my loss. I am not alone on this sentiment, I wish all aspirants to think twice and study how the system works. If you think the scheme works for you then you may go on, but then again, consider your referrals. Listen to your inner voice, are you willing to help them the best way that you can? If not, again, I have one more word for you… are you happy with your earnings while your referrals are striving to earn a $0.001.

To all risk takers the choice is yours!

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