Consumer Exploitation in Indian Market

How are consumers exploited in India?

Consumer Exploitation in Indian Market
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The people who sell and produce exploit indian consumers by different ways. In this article you will find the reasons of consumer's exploitation and the measure to check exploitation.

Consumer Exploitation in Indian Market
Consumer Exploitation is widespread in many rural areas in india. This occurs mainly due to the lack of awareness among people and also due to the manipulative mentality of certain sellers.consumer exploitation in india can take the shape of many forms.The main ways in which consumers are exploited are:
underweight and under measurements
Most of the shops in india are basically small shop next door ventures. Such shops are mostly not following the common regulations regarding the sale of goods.The number of such small ventures are too high in any area and there is no adequate staff in the regulatory bodies to monitor them.
The consumer needs to be aware of this problem and before buying needs to ensure that the weights used by these shops are with respect to the regulations and that those have been tested at specific intervals.If the shopkeeper is not wiling to oblige to this terms, it is the responsibility of the consumer to inform the necessary authorities regarding this issue.

This occurs mostly in the cases of costly edible items.Oil Ghees, Butter,spices are being adulterated by various person to attain profit.Apart from the consumer losing his value of money there are chances that the adulterated item can cause various health problems to the consumer.Adulteration needs to be prevented at any cost. Any product needs to be quality tested and the seal that the product is genuine has to be put on the product for the consumers to see. Further buying loose products in various nearby shops needs to be avoided as there is no way to ensure the quality of such products.

False information
Many advertisements that is being telecast in televisions and newspapers these days have the sole aim of grabbing the viewers attention to their product. So in order to do that many catchy headlines and statements are being used by these sellers which may not be true in its entirety.

Such sellers are exploiting the consumers in a totally different way. You may have seen that there will be a statement called conditions apply in many advertisements in the shortest font ever available in the corner of the ad.Consumers needs to check for such ads and the statements like that .

Consumer exploitation is a wide topic that needs to be addressed more often. Many of the consumers while buying the products do not even check the expiry dates on the products.Such negligence can prove to be deadly considering the product. It is advised that the consumers needs to educate themselves on the need to question the sellers regarding the product. More awareness can definitely help reduce consumer exploitation.

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