How to be wiser in money matters?

Wise Spending and Money Saving Tips

How to be wiser in money matters?
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People often do not think twice about saving money. This leads to chaos during emergency situations. The blog details on how to be wise in such money matters.

It is said that a fool and his money easily part ways. No one on this planet really is that unselfish. So, if you have money, you should know how to keep it safe too. Of course we all save and work hard to earn money. So, we should also learn how to keep it away from spending on unnecessary items or just giving it away. I do not mean to say that we should be selfish.

I am warning against unscrupulous persons with no values who try every means to usurping your money from your wallet.

I have seen many family members who are over smart and keep inventing tales to extract money from the earner in the family. Such people are too wise and they never part with their own money. Instead they just use others money and fulfil their wishes. Is that nice? Never. Keep away from such person. These people will never transform. They are ego centric and will only use others for themselves. The important thing is never to reveal secrets to such ill meaning people. Ladies are more gullible in this matter. However there are ladies who also use men to live extravagant lives. So, this is not a gender issue in reality. It is just a case of selfishness.

Always try to save money. Keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes.  Counting saved money in front of others is not a good idea at all. Keep notes (bills) in emergency wallets. Never take from this unless it is an extreme emergency. You can always use it later in a wise way to ensure a good roof over your head and food. If you have both, then indulge yourself in a grand holiday. Remember never to include anyone in your plans though. You cannot even trust your own kin.

What makes me write such advice? Experience. I have seen many relatives cheating my own dad, so it is not an imaginative thinking. It is based on real facts of life. No one will help us in times of need unless we have our own backup. So, backup is what we require most. Always be sure you have joined some saving scheme or deposit cash in insurance policies which will help your kids in the long run. That is the best way of ensuring that you have done your duty well towards your own wife and kids or husband and kids as the case maybe.

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I think people who have experienced poverty in their childhood days will definitely know the value of money.


somebody told me that the amount of money one must keep in his bank account should be at least 30% of what he is excess amount is better be invested to earn more than placing it all in the


It is important to watch your money, but at the same time give some to people in need if you can afford it. It is hard to refuse to give money to relatives when you care about them. At the same time, as you said, people can take advantage of a person if the person lets them. Therefore, it is wise to be cautious to only give or lend money to a loved one if you can afford to lose it. Sometimes a person just has to be strong and say no. You have written a great article!


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