How to demonstrate your communication skills at work

How can one demonstrate communication skills at work?

How to demonstrate your communication skills at work
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Having or improving Effective communication skills is important for any employee. It leads to professional development. This article discusses how you can demonstrate your communication skills in the workplace.

The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing is one of the most important life skills. A good communicator can leave a good impression on others. He or she is always in a position to produce the distinctive or desired effect upon the minds of the people and to eliminate confusion by means of effective communication. One of the obvious benefits of acquiring effective communication skills is that a communicator can convey the message clearly, avoid ambiguity and make others react in a desired manner by convincing them to accept his or her point of view. It may be appropriate to say that people are not born with good communication skills. Like any other skills, effective communication skills are to be learnt and honed – all it takes is practice and desire.

However, if you ever consider how you can demonstrate your communication skills at work, this article might be of some help. Here are some ways to show your ability of communicating better at work.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your communication skills is communicating to the point – neither too much nor too little. This would lead you to identify the purpose of conversation or discussion while it involves using the right words at the right place and at the right time. At this point, mention deserves to be made about the importance of vocabulary building. It must be noted that using proper words at proper place in accordance with the context has its own importance. It is better to improve your vocabulary in such a manner that if not all, at least the most commonly used words relating to your particular field must be learned to memorize. Not just this, you also need to use them in accordance with different forms of the words, such as, noun form, verbal form and adjectival form etc. This practice will not only help you strengthen and broaden your vocabulary, but will aid you immensely in using the words effectively. It is worth mentioning that multiple studies have shown the benefits of regularity to memorize the words. However, having identified the reason and the purpose of conversation, talking straight to the point using appropriate words is a great way to convince others successfully and leave an impression that you are a good communicator.

Another simple but very beneficial way to show that you are capable of communicating better is that you should first listen attentively to what you are being said so as to say then what you want to say. In this way, it is important to approach active listening, as it enables you to understand clearly what is said by the speaker while it aids you greatly to communicate in a way as needed.

If you want to know how to get your point across to someone else, instead of focusing on what you want to say should be said thinking that he or she may be convinced or persuaded, you should focus on what you want the other person to hear, so that you could make up your mind to communicate better and convince him successfully. This would also involve you in not letting your mind jump ahead to what you think you should say, but reading and discerning facial expressions of the person to get your point across to him or her in a successful manner.

Regardless of whether it is verbal or written communication, identifying the reason or purpose of communication is important to tailor your communication in accordance with the need and importance. With regard to written communication, it is not just what you write using appropriate words, but it is how you emphasize purpose focused writing that counts including well-structured sentences. As regards verbal communication, demonstrating eye contact to show your interest, maintaining positive attitude,refraining from making negative comments and maintaining polite and courteous conversation is important to carryout conversation in an effective manner.


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