United States: How to Search for Bankruptcy Records

Searching for Bankruptcy Information in United States

United States: How to Search for Bankruptcy Records
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Bankruptcy is a fact of life and all records of bankruptcies in USA are easily available to people who want them. The following article explains the process of searching for bankruptcy records.

Bankruptcy is certainly not anything pleasant. Having faced a bankruptcy it must be made aware to all that all bankruptcy’s anywhere in the United States are recorded and filed. This information is also put on your credit report for at least 10 years. It must be clearly understood that bankruptcy records are considered to be public information. Hence, where ever /> you happen to be in the United States you can carry out bankruptcy searches and access all information about any bankruptcy.

Basic bankruptcy information is available during bankruptcy searches. It’s also fairly easy to access this information. You can also get the bankruptcy search information by a number of methods.

Firstly you can have these searches done through an automated Voice Case Information System also referred to as VCIS.

This is free of charge when used from your phone. The bankruptcy petition file will contain the person's social security number, date of birth, current and former addresses, names of spouse and children, bank account information, employment history and benefit information, list of property and vehicles with VIN /> numbers, information about the spouse (including social security number, etc.) and more. The attorney's name will also be listed. Any property that can be retained will also be listed. You will be able to search the bankruptcy files by name for an application. On the application will be a case number. Once you have the case number, you can retrieve the entire file for your use.

Next, we have the use of the Pacer method. This is the Federal Judiciary's centralized registration, billing, and technical support center. It gives electronic access to U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate court records. However to access this information through the Pacer will require you to have a PACER account. This account will be paid and carries an access fee.

You can also access the bankruptcy search information by logging on to the web page of the applicable state court page. Once you have accessed this page then it’s easy to write/telephone for information

On how to obtain the records.
Another site on the web that lists all data on bankruptcy and is available during bankruptcy search is by accessing BankruptcyData.com. This provides instant access to information on thousands of business bankruptcy filings from over 80 federal bankruptcy districts. The web has a lot of information on bankruptcy. Thus, all information and data can be reached by links to bankruptcy organizations, committees and discussion groups. We all know that clerk’s offices are attached to all bankruptcy courts. You can also access bankruptcy records information by going through the websites of all the bankruptcy courts clerk offices in the The United States. We must remember that bankruptcy data or information cannot be kept secret and it's felt that it’s in the public good that this info is available on the net.

The website of the United States department of justice is also a storehouse of information and data on bankruptcies. Thus in case you wish either to find out a particular bankruptcy or a general statistic then all information is just at the click of a mouse or a ring from your telephone.

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