Investment ideas for youngsters

Where to Invest by youngsters

Investment ideas for youngsters
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Youngsters get confused where to invest their money for increasing their wealth, so this article will help them to invest wisely, to protect their future.

Investment is necessary for our future expenses. As now days after finishing college our youngsters either doing business or getting a job which is their income source. But they are not aware how to make a proper money management, how much they should spend from their hard earned money, how much they should invest for their better future. So this article is about guidance and suggestion fro new investors.

As young professionals are getting some salary, they should spend it wisely, Instead of wasting money in unnecessary things like partying every day, or shopping a lot many, it is better to invest some part of your hard earned money after your expenses.

These are some of best investment method.

  1. Secure your life ideas - Go for Life insurance plan ( Term insurance) where you get good sum assured by paying very little amount. Suppose any unseen event happened to you then your family gets some compensation as per your sum assured money.


2. Little risky Investment ideas - Go for mutual fund investment, as you can start this investment from Rs 100 per monthly.

By investing a smaller amount of Rs 100 is also good to start, because mutual funds are specially designed to reduce the risk of investor, as this is a diversified business fund, by investing for longer period you increase your money either by increase of NAV, or else by getting the compounding interest if you stay invested in this mutual fund for more than 5 year.


Higher risk investment idea - Now the third and most important thing is to invest some part in equity.

This is the most rewarding investment option, although some people says equity trading is highly risky, but as per my experience I found that it is always better to invest in equity either by one time fees or by paying every three months.


Benefit of sooner investment.

The early you start saving the more time you get to save, so more time you stay invested in savings means you will be getting increase in your capital as well as it will increase your portfolio. Also the longer time will help you to get more compound  interest.

4. No risk investment idea - Keep some money in your bank monthly in recurring deposit which has some fixed interest

Do not get biased in any other investment like Gold, property, commodity trading, or investing in chit fund or any other investment that is offered to you for quick growth.

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