HR policy on Company Transport and Transport Reimbursement

Travel and reimbursement expenses policy in an organization

HR policy on Company Transport and Transport Reimbursement
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HR policy on Company Transport and Transport reimbursement states that an employee will be reimbursed for transportation costs which may include any kind of transportation or accommodation when going on a business trip. In this article we will discuss various company transport policies and reimbursement in detail.

This HR policy on Company Transport and Transport Reimbursement is for a small to medium size factory in Singapore.

Company transport policy:-

  • Company transport shall be provided along established route at scheduled times during normal working days.
  • Routes and times of arrival of the Company transport at various pick up points shall be circulated.
  • Employees are requested to be at the pick up points early so as not to miss the Company transport.
  • On the return journey, employees can disembark at any point along the route, as long as there is no contravention of any traffic regulations.

Transport Reimbursement policy:-

  • Employees who are scheduled to work after office hours, non-working day, rest day or a public holiday, may claim in full transport reimbursements based on actual public bus transport fare.
  • Administrative employees who performs overtime work (without overtime payment) on a normal work day and return home by public transport may claim transport reimbursement based on the full public bus transportation fare from the usual pick up point to the company and vice versa. However, upon the approval of the immediate superior, full taxi fare may be reimbursed if the employees are required to work continuously for 12 hours.
  • Employees who travel to work by public bus transport owing to non arrival of Company transport at the pick up point, may claim transport reimbursement based on actual public transportation fare or taxi fares (pools) from pick up points to the Company.
  • Employees who opt not to take the Company transport as and when provided and choose to travel to work or return home on their own accord shall not be eligible for transport reimbursement of any kind.

Procedure for transport reimbursement:-

  • An employee can claim transport reimbursement through petty cash requisition.
  • The Supervisor shall approve the petty cash requisition prior to routing it to the HR department for endorsement. The duly endorsed petty cash requisition form shall be routed to the Finance Department for payment.
  • Employees who commute to or from work by taxi must submit receipt together with the petty cash claims through their Supervisor.

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