Management - Need and Importance

Need and importance of management

Management - Need and Importance
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Management is the very need of the modern era we live in to add an immense value to the quality of human life demanding as an academic body of knowledge, while paving the ways for more prospects; contributing greatly with its abiding and compensating features for even flaws ad infinitum.

Management is the very need of the modern era we live in to add an immense value to the quality of human life demanding as an academic body of knowledge, while paving the ways for more prospects; contributing greatly with its abiding and compensating features for even flaws ad infinitum.

Though there is many a definition of management, but it would be suffice in this context to define management as the act or skill of dealing with situations or people in a successful way. It also means the act of running and controlling a business. The art of managing reveals in various situations relating to human life such as, to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult, to be able to solve problems while using money and time and information in a sensible way. As regards business, it is running a business or managing a team or an organization keeping them under control.

The need and importance of management is clearly apparent and duly acknowledged in all the spheres of human life. There is no doubt about the fact if said without a concept of management, the activities will be messed up or they will be noting but ad hoc basis. No human activity, be it associations’, families’, organizations’, can be accomplished effectively and efficiently without management.

It will not be out of place to say that management is thus connected with both personal life as well as a business while in both cases aiming at the attainment of specific objectives or desired results offering its functions being, planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Thus management, in the main, stands to benefit individuals. Let’s now focus our attention on how it is essential to a business organization.

The significance of management is manifested in every prosperous business signifying the application of human energy in leadership positions. It is regarded as the uppermost authority and superior to all the activities of an organization being established as distinctive one. Management focuses on the entire organization from a short standpoint to the long-term perspective, forming a strategic vision and setting up strategies to implement them for the purpose of obtaining desired results, overall organizational development, effectiveness and efficiency.

Management is needed in order to maintain and improve total organizational competencies and the attitudes of the employees. At this stage, it must be borne in mind that in the absence of organizational competencies, the organizational development is impossible. Neither there is organizational effectiveness and efficiency. It is the management that lends a helping hand to the employees in developing their competence so as to make them highly efficient while motivating them towards the obtainment of desired objectives. In this way, Management is to the people what a jeweler is to the gem. Just as a precious stone is carved and polished for use as jewelry, so does a management offer training, guidance and support serving as a tool for developing the potentials and personalities of the employees  so that they can not only improve their organizational competencies but also become better human beings. As Lawrence Appley points out, “Management is the development of people and not the direction of things… Management is personnel administration.”

It is very necessary to be persistently concerned with the accomplishment of the organizational objectives while utilizing the organizational resources, such as men, money, machine, materials and the information effectively and efficiently. Management is regarded to be goal oriented and implements its strategies time and again to measure the overall performance with specific controlling measures.

We are living in a world of dynamism which is changing rapidly with innumerable technological developments day by day. The scientific and technological contents have become an integral and intimate part of today’s total living system. In these situations, management is requisite to function dynamically being adaptive to respond to changing internal and external environments and to step in the field of technology accordingly.

In order that all the activities of a business may be carried out smoothly, effectively and efficiently, a group activity forming a coordinated structure must be required and this can be accomplished by means of management process only. Management lays emphasis on better coordination to eliminate communication gaps and delays and obstacles in the overall functioning state of a business. The motto of management in this way is let’s do together.

So, to conclude it can be said that every business organization seeks to survive and continue its profitability with a total organizational competence and development, these objectives can be accomplished by the effective management with the application of its principles and techniques. There is no doubt about the fact that a  management is a conclusive evidence to turn out the business as planned at the same time as maintaining its existing functioning state besides making constants efforts at growth. Thus, the more are the avenues for businesses, the more will be up-and-coming need of management leading the business in the direction of ceaseless success.




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