Directing- Benefits of Consultative Direction in Business Management

Benefits of Consultative Direction in Business organization

Directing- Benefits of Consultative Direction in Business Management
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Directing helps in improving the work quality , better performance, building better communication skills and also develops good human relationships in a cooperative environment. The article discusses in detail about the benefits of Directing Function of Management

Management functions having been set apart as being preparatory and the function for monitoring, checking and measuring the performance, provide useful information to understand the concepts and the purposes of the management functions so that they may be applied in cohesive ways that the results which are wanted may be attained accordingly.

The preparatory functions include, planning and organizing and staffing, whereas the function for monitoring, checking and measuring the performance is controlling. And a function that links between the two is directing. Being one of the important functions, directing is of much value and significance.

Directing indicates guiding. It is the key to the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. Such a managerial function is this that around which all the organizational performance is rotated. Directing is relating to instructions and guidance to the subordinates towards the tasks being assigned to them, while letting them know what they are expected of.

It is the direction that encompasses and necessitates leadership roles and motivational techniques to be established. One of them is consultative direction. This leads us to discuss how consultative direction is beneficial to a business management.

Consultative direction promotes consultative leadership style, as the term implies, leader is willing to consult the group and encourages his subordinates to present their opinions for decision making process creating an environment of openness and conviction. Owing to this style, there establishes two way method of communication which leads to reach the conclusions as smoothly as possible. In other words, it is seeking win-win solutions opening the doors of opinion to the talented employees. Since a great concern of their leader to his subordinates is manifested by this method, the employees develop the sense of confidence and their morale is enhanced accordingly.

Advantages of the consultative direction are many,whereas the disadvantages in proportion are few, such as, it may be time consuming to reach the conclusions and the subordinates may dominate or it may be that they may cause disruptions. Nonetheless, talented employees seek their own ways to strengthen their professionalism owing to the consultative direction.

Although all the leadership styles have their own pros and cons, it is the duty of a manager to apply such style that suits best to the situations. However, it must be borne in mind that the objective of leadership is to eradicate the elements hindering efficient performance of the employees – not to seek own benefits – so that the organizational goals and objectives may be attained as wanted. And it may be effectively done by inculcating the sense of collectivism and making a group activity with the help of consultative direction.

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