Problem definition in system analysis and design

How to solve problems in system analysis and design

Problem definition in system analysis and design
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Below article speaks about problem definition in the process of system analysis and designing. It also stresses the need and importance of defining a problem properly.

System analysis involves examining the business situation through which it is determined how to find a solution for a problem or develop a system successfully. This activity involves breaking the total development process in to smaller activities or phases that the actual task may be done in a smooth manner. In order that a successful system may be designed, developed and implemented, there is a great need and importance of defining a problem, so that the solution may be ascertained accordingly.

This leads to the phase of system investigation. The phase of system investigation involves defining the problem clearly. In order that it may be done as conveniently as possible, an analyst or a consultant is invited, so that the user can define the problem of which, at a later stage, the solution may be ascertained. This phase involves determining whether there is a need for developing a completely new system or the existing system can be modified or improved.

It’s just a preliminary stage which describes the business system. In this way, preliminary investigation is the first step in the system development project.

System investigation includes problem definition in a more detailed way. It is important that it should be done in such a way that it can be ensured all essential points are covered up. It therefore leads to a stage in which there is a requirement of problem definition in a very clearer way. This necessitates interviewing and clarifying issues with the users. So, a system analyst needs to discuss with the users and prepare a written statement covering the objectives and scope of the problem. In this way, it becomes important to prepare a statement of objectives while understanding the problem and defining it clearly. Here are some possible definitions of problems:

System analyst needs to consider and clarify whether the existing system is working well or there is any problem in terms of speed or process etc. It also includes observing if the existing system is giving proper response and meets the requirement of the users. Also, determining that the system is accessing the workload successfully and there are not any technical hitches while it works is also included during this process. Furthermore, system analyst needs to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system. Apart from that, considering the cost of a system to be implemented is one of the most important aspects, a system analyst needs to provide a rough estimation of cost involved. These things are to be done in a timely manner and performed with quality before it is too late in the system development process.



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