Counseling - Need and Importance of Counseling in Business Organization

What is the need and importance of counseling in business organization?

Counseling - Need and Importance of Counseling in Business Organization
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Business life is stressful. Therefore organizations have realized the impact of stress on work and yet have taken an initiative to counsel the business employees to improve the work efficiency by promoting stress free life.

There comes a stage in everybody’s life when seeking an advice is the only choice on which basis are the problems to be dealt with successfully. Also, it might be many a time or at times when circumstances appear to be so complicated or problematical that they are likely to pose an uncertain outcome and the person is totally mystified unless he gets to the bottom of unpleasant situations or complexities to solve or unravel by means of seeking somebody’s advice. Problems may be personal or relating to one’s occupation. Whatever the case may be, a helpful and timely and effective advice is the valuable source to support him in all walks of life. It would thus not only suggest us to seek advice whenever necessary but also reminds the importance of advice. However, a piece of advice or recommendations about actions to be taken must be received from a knowledgeable, experienced and expert person.

In business organizations there is usually a personnel specialist who does counseling which is mainly an advice giving activity.

It may also be undertaken by a supervisor or a manger on the basis of his reasonable experience, referent and expert power. In this way, counseling is a help with personal or psychological matters usually given by a professional. Counseling is also a discussion of a problem and an act of communication between a counselor and counselee. It is through the process of counseling to help the employees in solving their psychological or job related problems so that they can perform their tasks effectively and their efficiencies may be reached the extent to which the management has anticipated.

One of the positive aspects of counseling in a business organization is that it makes an employee feel less anxious or worried about the existing problems while motivating him to face and solve the problems successfully. Besides, the process involves providing the required professional help and assistance as and when it is necessary.

It is very essential to implement and maintain effective communication process in the business organization that the functioning state of a business may be enhanced and the overall performance may be improved effectively and efficiently. It is though the counseling that better communication process can be setup allowing the employees to express their feelings, ideas and suggestions that in turn may be conveyed to the higher management for review and implementation accordingly.

Counseling is a great way of eliminating frustration from the employees and at the same time provides a great help to the employees whom the routine job activities make apathetic. Employees can discuss their personal and job related problems in the atmosphere of openness without making any attempt at concealment and seek the advice from the counselor accordingly which would be a great source of releasing tensions and worries while increasing their enthusiasm towards the accomplishments of the organizational objectives.

To end with, counseling must be done if it does not exist in a business organization and it must be maintained effectively and efficiently if it exists as it is impressively a great support. It is a way of reassurance to the employees that encourages them to stay firm in the face of difficulties and gives confidence while at work so that the end results of a business may be attained as wanted or intended.

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