The Need and Importance of Employee Competencies in Business Organizations

What is the Need and Importance of Employee Competencies in Business Organizations?

The Need and Importance of Employee Competencies in Business Organizations
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It is important for a business organization to ensure time and again that its employees are competent and up for new challenges. The competence level of each employee contributes greatly to the total organizational development and competencies.

You may be an artist having the appropriate qualities to fit a specific purpose or a good sportsperson or a person who is known as talented amid a particular group in virtue of your extracurricular activities. But, if you are, at the same time, associated with a business organization as an employee whose contribution towards the common organizational goals is as necessary as that of others to be assessed on the basis of certain underlying measures,then, the aforesaid qualities may not be of that advantage within organizational level and the situation could be opposed to your supposition.

On the other hand, the benefits that are to be received within the organization based upon a particular concept are in proportion more. It thus would seem to be a curious paradox that being talented but receiving comparatively low benefits within the organization. It is also strange that possessing those skills but regarded differently or not known in a way as it should be. This leads us to discuss what lies to know and understand so as to gain benefits within the organization as well, while throwing light on that particular concept.

In fact, there is no need to throw a new light on the concept, as it prevails in general universally - being absolutely consequential, rather you need to acquaint yourself with it. Then, having been equipped as required, you may move ahead accordingly in order to extract benefits within the organizational level.

The concept which is considered as the very essence of a business organization to successfully survive with profitability, effectiveness and efficiency and on which depends your professional success also is nothing but observing, developing and promoting core competencies of the employees in the business organization.

In this way, each and every employee is expected to be competent to be entitled to enjoy the benefits of promotions, bonus, incentives - other rewards as per the organizational policies and procedures.It is thus your competencies have a lot to do in relation to your professional progress as well as organizational development, competencies, effectiveness and efficiency in totality.

Competence may be defined as the ability of an individual to do something well, measured against a standard, especially ability acquired through experience or training. Competence is also an assortment of abilities relating to your job activities and knowledge and skills that help you to carry out your assigned tasks in a desirable way or effectively and efficiently. You must be competent at the organizational level in such a way that you could act in variety of situations in a manner which is expected of. It is said to be a set of defined behaviors that provide a structured guide enabling the identification, evaluation and development of the behaviors in individual employees. Although you can make yourself competent at any stage of your life, but in order to receive organizational benefits and rewards and to grow and develop in terms of your career, you must pave yourself the ways for developing your competence level within organization.

One of the significant benefits that an organization will reap by means of employee competencies will be the attainment of the total organizational development which is not possible unless the employees are competent. Further, developing competencies of the employees by training and motivating lead to organizational success, organizational effectiveness and efficiency. In fact, differing from business to business, there is a range of competencies that are required in business organizations, but there are some commonly observed attributes of the competencies which are discussed herein:

Intellectual: They are relating to the thought process or involving the mental processes and reasoning the situations on the basis of knowledge, experience and the skills. The more an employee is knowledgeable and skilled and experienced, the more sophisticated and efficient way he can perform his tasks.

Organizational Competencies: It implies how a particular employee performs his assigned tasks in a given situation. The way he organizes his tasks and behaves in a variety of situations and how effectively and efficiently he carries out his job activities. In this way, the organizational competencies are very important for a business organization as they are concerned with each and every employee.

Self-Management: Employees must manage their related tasks in an efficient way to give the results in an effective manner by taking decisions that are within their competence. Management is concerned about whether the employee is producing the expected results or not. In order that the expected results may be produced effectively, employee is supposed to take some decisions that relate to his assignments in his own way. Since the objective is to provide the results, an employee can perform his tasks in a more creative manner on the basis of his own decision making process and knowledge and experience.

Considering the need and importance of employee competencies in business organization, it will not be out of place if it is said that both employees as well as organization must take necessary steps towards the development of competencies, as it is very necessary for any business organization to grow, prosper and run smoothly, effectively and efficiently. Behind the success of every business are the two important elements. They are resources and capabilities. Capabilities are in the form of human assets, the employees. Employees are such a valuable asset that has no replacement. It is thus to reinforce the human asset is to lead the business towards incessant success which is possible only there are good employee competencies.



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