Using Microsoft Excel for Financial Accounting

How to use Microsoft excel for financial accounting?

Using Microsoft Excel for Financial Accounting
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Microsoft Excel has a great application in Financial Accounting. A lot of tasks can be accomplished by using Excel efficiently. It is a spreadsheet software application having rows and columns by which you can make use of various computations or calculations.

There are some basic functions and formulas that one needs to know and understand well in the beginning, so that the various tasks, that are supposed to be carried out in Financial Accounting process, can be performed quickly and accurately.

Microsoft Excel can perform calculations or computations much faster, the only thing that is required to insert, in the particular cells, are the correct formulas that are needed for the number of rows and columns in case of payrolls or various schedules. Subsequently, the formulas can be copied and pasted. In this way, excel will produce the intended results in the required number of cells in an accurate manner.

Excel is well suited and capable for supporting the accounting professionals in performing their accounting related calculations as well as making Financial or Journal entries. Just to give an example, there are times when you need to compute depreciation of required number of years for fixed assets that may be innumerable. In doing so, you need to take great pains if you do the task manually, but the same task can be accomplished within a few minutes. Just right after you insert the formula and copying it to the required rows or columns, you can get the results successfully.

It depends on an accountant’s knowledge and understanding about MS Excel.

If he has proficiency in excel, he can make his assigned tasks easier while producing the results efficiently. Almost all the activities relating to Financial Accounting, such as, preparing Journal, Ledgers, Schedules, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement or other tables can be performed with the help of excel in an easy and efficient manner. Therefore, it is very much important for accounting professionals to have mastery of Microsoft Excel to carry out their tasks successfully. Those who do not have a reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel may face problems in performing their tasks.There are various courses available out there, you can extract benefits attending the required course, so that you may gain good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and apply it in your day-to-day activities relating to Financial Accounting.

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These features are used by many finanacial accounting tasks. However, I use it for a totally different reason. The precense of the table like format - columns and rows makes it easy for me to collect data in a structured form. So, it's how we see it, isn't it?