Credit Cards: Do We Need Them?

Do we really need Credit Cards?

Credit Cards: Do We Need Them?
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Nowadays, credit cards seem like tools that help us what we would like to have – expensive clothes, smart phones, and so forth. Credit cards may be both helpful and threatening, depending on how we use them.

Everyone nowadays possess a credit card. Some people I know have more than 3 credit cards. If you have a credit card, you can easily use it to pay for things you buy. You pay back the amount next month based on the billing statement sent to you. You can pay back in full or pay the minimum amount requested by the credit card issuing bank.

Many of my friends have problems with their credit cards for the simple reason that they are already addicted to use the credit cards. But as soon as they pay back the bill and find them unable to pay back even the required minimum amount stated in the billing statements.

Even there is my husband’s friend who has a credit card and has never used his credit card but the annual fee he has not paid has shockingly accumulated.

I think we shouldn’t apply for a credit card unless we have lots of money. You can use your debit cards instead. Credit cards are for those who do not have cash but they have a lot of money coming in once in a month. For example, you have income from your house renting or car renting, while your family need arises every day. If you have credit cards, make sure you do not have debt elsewhere, meaning that you have a sufficient amount of money to pay back credit card bills coming to you every month.
I know when we have credit cards, traveling any where seems easy. Places like hotels accept credit cards. Shopping around is also a lot of fun if you have credit cards. Even to have your PayPal account verified, you need a credit card. At least we think that we can buy things that attract us. But walking around in a mall without having cash on hand or credit cards is like having a bad dream in a day’s time. Would you think so?

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