Will I Be Able To Buy A Block of Land To Build A New House On?

Difficulty of Buying a Block of Land

Will I Be Able To Buy A Block of Land To Build  A New House On?
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Buying property whether it is a house or a block of land is not as easy as one may think. In reality, location of the property and the price do matter. We like the property but the location is too far away or the location and the property are favorable but the price is too high.

I found out that it was not easy to find a block of land for my new house just in case we succeed in selling my old house. The small shop owner just outside the housing complex where I live told me that there was one of his relatives who wanted to sell a block of land. My husband and I have seen the land location, which is out of the city but not too far away.

Upon seeing it, I feel that the land location is great. It is in a nice neighborhood. Although I agree with the price, I haven’t decided to buy it yet because I’ve got to discuss it with my husband and children. Very often, what I decide to do is not agreed by my husband and children.

Therefore, I would rather wait for them to decide first. To me, buying a block of land is a serious matter and the decision to buy it should carefully be taken into account otherwise I will be sorry if unexpected things turn up as a result of a wrong decision.

 If we all agree, we still have to wait till our house sells. This is a problem, too as selling a house is getting more and more difficult nowadays. No genuine buyers have come to see my house, whereas I have placed the advertisement in both online and offline. Now, what I am worried about is that someone else might be ahead of me buying the land because he or she perhaps has ready cash, while I don’t. The owner of the land told me that he needed a lot of money badly, which is why he has to sell the land. If I am not quick enough, I will lose my chance. A relative of mine suggested that I should ask for a bank loan in order that I can use the money to pay for the land but that idea will only cause me another problem—badly in debt. What should I do if you wish to suggest?

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