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How to Spot Real & Fake Online Product Reviews?

Tips to Find Out If Product You are Buying Has Real Reviews or Fake

How to Spot Real & Fake Online Product Reviews?
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We often see products having 100% positive ratings on many onlise shopping portals. But does this means that product is really that good? If there are real reviews then it is not possible for a product to have 100% positive ratings. Many companies employ deceitful techniques to rate their products higher so that more and more people buy their goods. You need to be cautious when buying online. Let us see how to spot real online product reviews and leave aside the fake ones?

Today, all the companies want you to buy their products, and the fastest and easiest way to do so is by providing you with positive reviews. To be able to do that, they pay writers or authoros to write good reviews and post it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or post it on the company's website, or any other paid to write site or blog. On the other hand, some companies send free samples to some people and ask them to write good reviews in return.

How to Spot Fake Reviews?

  1. Old reviews: products and ingredients do change, so old reviews are not accurate about the product that is on the market today.
  2. Ignore sites with only positive reviews; it means that they only want to sell you the products or they are paid to create a good image about it.
  3. Ignore sites that have few visitors. These sites have no credibility. 
  4. Ignore reviews that are written by females for a male product or the other way around. That may be a fake review.
  5. If you are not allowed to comment then the chances are product is not worth buying. And reviews posted for that product might be fake. 

How to Spot Real Online Customer Reviews?

Go through the following tips whenever you want to read an online review. These tips will help you find the real online reviews about the product that you want to buy. 

  • Only go to reputed websites or blogs.

    If the site is well known and gets lots of visitors then their reviews are real. 
  • Reviews with pros and cons. They are more believable and trustworthy.
  • Check many reviews about the same product. Reviews are personal opinions and not everything works for everybody.
  • People who post with their real names and has lots of followers are trustworthy because they have a reputation online that they will not risk losing.
  • Video reviews are more likely to be true. In the video reviews like in YouTube and Vimeo for example, you can see the product, its ability, and its size.
  • Feedbacks or reviews with scientific and complicated words are more likely to be fake.
  • A product with lots of reviews. When you see a product with lots of good reviews and some bad reviews, then it is a real review. 
  • Gender of the reviewer. Most of the time, female will review female products and male will review male products. If I see a male writing about lipstick, I will ignore his review, because he needs to wear the lipstick to be able to review it properly. 
  • Blogs or sites that allow comments. Real sites and blogs do welcome comments and will not fear the negative feedback from clients as it is a way to improve. 

Now we all need real factual information about any product that we like to buy before we buy it, and online reviews are the best way to do that. Also, real reviews save us lot of money. 

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Many times a product will seam too good to be true, this I found to be a good indicator. I started my online money making career by trying to write true and fair reviews about products I never had or tried. Quickly I had problems about actual issues a product may have and developed writers block. One day I wrote a review of a product I had and liked, my writing flowed easily and the article drew much attention. I have never written another article about something I did not use. I realized my credit started to improve and my earnings went up. You could say I learned the hard way.


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I was thinking about the same for quite some time on how to identify a genuine review but didn't have the time to browse. this article is great help. moreover, I'd like to add that very well scripted and structured paragraphs in reviews are likely to be paid reviews and they do no sound being natural feedback or response


agree, thanks for commenting


Very informative and nice post.Reviews are very important when we buy things online.To save time we very frequently order things online after reading the reviews for a particular product..Your post will help everyone to choose things wisely and to judge a particular product intelligently.Thank you for such a post.


Thanks sweet of you


Thanks sweet of you


Thanks sweet of you